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Boulder - Camp 1 or Camp 3 (July 11th-15th or July 23rd-27th)

Register by January 31st, 2018: $899
Register by April 30th, 2018: $949
After May 1st, 2018: $999

Boulder - Camp 2 (July 18th-22nd)
Register by January 31st, 2018: $949
Register by April 30th, 2018: $999
After May 1st, 2018: $1049

Boulder - Camp 2 + 3, the 10-day experience (July 18th-27th) Note: Housing and meals between camps included in the tuition.
Register by January 31st, 2018: $1899
Register by April 30th, 2018: $1999
After May 1st, 2018: $2099

What's the difference between the various camps? Camp 1 and Camp 2 have the same schedule - same runs, same presentations, same activities, same "learn by doing" stations. Camp 3 has different runs, different presentations, different speakers, different activities and different "learn by doing" stations. That said, you do not have to have attended a previous camp to have a great experience at Camp 3. San Diego will be similar to Camp 1 and Camp 2 in terms of presentations and learn by doing sessions, but the speakers will be different, and obviously the runs will be different.

We’ve had so many returning campers in the past few years that we want to offer a new experience and a fresh perspective by offering Camp 2 and 3 together. Camp 3 is a great opportunity to get a more in-depth experience and take advantage of training at altitude for 10 consecutive days. Coach Jay will be presenting different material in Camp 3, building on the information presented in Camps 1 and 2, but again, if you've never been to camp you will not be lost during these presentations.  We will have new guest speakers during Camp 3, as well as different “learn by doing” stations.  Plus, we will create enjoyable and unique camp activities and competitions. We offer a special excursion the afternoon between Camp 2 and 3 to allow the campers to get off campus and enjoy some fun!

Camp 3 starts Monday, the day after Camp 2 ends, so if you’re up for two sessions, consider coming to both Camp 2 and Camp 3.

Every camper must bring the four-page waiver/health form with them to camp. Download the waiver HERE. We must have this document on file before a student can participate in the camp.