The Boulder Running Camps is many things, but simply put, it’s the most fun a serious runner can have over the course of five days. Campers train in groups, led by a college-age counselor; groups are small, with roughly eight campers in each group. In addition to one daily run, coach Jay Johnson presents on exercise physiology and training theory, answering questions from novice and veteran runners (and coaches). There are also “learn by doing” opportunities where campers will learn injury-prevention exercises and general strength exercises that they can infuse into their training when they return home. Group discussions on the college recruiting process and nutrition also take place. There are also fun social activities, such as Skit Night and a trip to the world-famous Pearl Street pedestrian mall to balance out all of the running talk. There’s little free time during camp, but definitely a lot of fun to be had.

The highlight for most campers tends to be one of three things: the trail run, the hike up Green Mountain or the long run on Magnolia Road.

Boulder is an amazing place for runners to train, and the trail run on Thursday at the southern end of town is breathtaking. Friday, following a fartlek workout and lunch, campers set off from campus to hike to the top of Green Mountain, which overlooks Boulder.

Check out our Instagram feed for photos of this hike. The long run on Magnolia Road is memorable in that the run starts at 9,000 feet (whereas Boulder is just over 5,000 feet high) and is extremely hilly. The challenge of Magnolia Road is something campers never forget.

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