Boulder Running Camps have been sponsored by Nike for 15 years, since it's inception.  Thanks to a generous deal with Nike, each camper will receive a Nike Dri-FIT camp t-shirt, a Nike backpack and a pair of Nike training shoes.

Each year we have a different design and color scheme on the Dri-FIT t-shirt, but the quality of the shirt is the same in each edition - a technical shirt for serious runners.

The training shoes campers receive will be announced in early spring.  Each year campers leave with a great shoe to use during the cross country season.

The embroidered backpack is always a hit with campers (and staff) as it's another great piece of equipment for the serious runner.

Finally, Nike showers the camp with gear for prizes, something we're extremely thankful for.

Additionally, each camper will receive a stretching rope to do Active Isolated Flexibility (AIF) when they return home.  AIF is one of Coach Johnson's fundamental tools to help athletes stay healthy.